The Friends Zone

Hey everyone, this is Shoeless Comet, and this is an update on the Poptropica Creators Blog.

The friend zone

Have you been keeping up with Poptropica Friends? Many of the Poptropica Creators are on there, if you can find us. That’s how you can find out, for instance, that Shark Boy can do a handstand. (Or so he says.)

How do you know if it’s really one of us, and not somebody in disguise? Just check out the name displayed on our profile pages. If it says “Captain Crawfish,” “Dr. Hare,” “Master Mime,” and so on, you know it’s the real deal!

avatar image

Yeah so about what Captain Crawfish said, about the usernames. When you have a friend that looks like one of the Creators, but when you point at it, it might say Cool Kid or something. That’s because that’s they’re not the creators.
If you want to have the creators as your friends, then use these usernames that I know:
1. Shark Boy- Sharkboycreator
2.Captain Crawfish- captaincrawfishcreator
3.Fact Monster- fmonster
4.Dr. Hare- JordanLeary
5.Hazmat Hermit- JustinLeary
6.Binary Bard- BinaryBard
7.Triton- TritonCreator
8.Thirsty Whale (the guy from Mt. Everest on Time Tangled island)- ThirstyWhalecreator
9.Hades- hadescreator1
10.Director D- DirectorDcreator1
11.Black Widow- Blackwidowcreator
So I hope these help you guys.
– Shoeess Comet
P.S don’t forget to add me supershadow7547

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