Ghosts, Zombies, Comics and Sneak Peeks. What else have you got?

SC : Hello audience and welcome to Shoeless Comet’s News update.

Audience : (Scream in happiness like a normal audience would in a TV show)

SC : I hope you like Scarry Movies.

Audience : NOOOOO !

SC : Now calm down. Those who like Scaarrrryyy Movies say I.

Audience Members 10, 46, 34 : I.

SC : Good. So check out this picture I got. Cameraman put down the image.

Cameraman : Sure.


SC : So this is the AD on Poptropica. Cameraman raise down the Comic Strips and the sneak peek on Poptropica.

Cameraman : Ok.


Cameramam : And this is the sneak peek you wanted sir.

SC : So this is an idea of a new island. See you all later and tune in Shoeless Comet’s News. And the Shoeless Comet’s Blog it’s super awesome over there. SC out. 😀


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