Daily Comics and Chaos is reigning and some info for tomorrow

Yup, chaos is reigning but before I do that let me just show you the special info and the daily comics shall we?


And this is the special info for tomorrow. 😀

It’s the final countdown

We are less than two days away from the launch of Lunar Colony! It can’t come soon enough. We think you are really going to like this one.

Lunar Colony will be available this Thursday for Poptropica Members. Don’t forget your space helmet!

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Yes tomorrow is the release of Lunar Colony. So let’s see that Chaos thing that I was talking about.
Yeah there is an explanation for the Set and Apophis thing on the picture just let me get my Egyptian Gods Dictionary. Oh here it is.
Set- the God of Chaos. The guy who tried to rule universe but was defeated by Carter and Sadie Kane (a.k.a. Horus and Isis).
Apophis- the Lord of Chaos. Much stronger than Set. Tried to eat the sun. Was trapped with Bast, the cat goddess. Mortal enemy of Ra. Breaking out of jail because of Julius Kane and his wife freed Bast from her jail with Apophis. Julius’s wife tried to seel or seal the jail with magic suceeded but died in the process.
So there you have it. I’m kinda of a Egyptian fan. If you want to read more info, read the Kane Chronicals series.
SC out! 😀

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