Blast Off!

3…2…1…Blast Off! Lunar Colony is now released for Members. Non-members get to get a demo of the island. Aaarrrggghhh! :X Anyway this is what it looks like on the map.



Awesome right? Now here’s a demo walktrough for the non-members. Members tell us the details on Lunar Colony and see if you can spot Dr. Hare. Anyway, here’s the walktrough that I was talking about on Lunar Colony and here it is. And there are pictures at the end.

1.Walk right to the Mission Control and enter P.A.S.E.

2. Talk to the guy with glasses. He’ll say that the safety checkis complete and he has to do a million other things. Then someone will come in and say that nobody’s watching watching Hatcher and he look’s like he’s gonna lose his lunch. Then the two apologize and the guy asks who you are. Then you have to answer questions. After that he’ll tell you to help the astronaut. P.S. his name his Slayton.

3. Walk to the right and jump to the rocket. Use the elevator to help you up there. Go inside.

4. He’ll say he doesn’t feel so well even though the door is open. So we’ll have to find him something to eat.

5. Go left. If you remember the old astronaut on the stage, he’s gone. Here’s your chance to get his drink. Go right and give it to the astronaut. BTW it’s Ginger Ale Carter’s favorite.

6. Once you give it to him, he’ll thank you and tell you he’s a little nervous.Then he’ll let you hold his space helmet for a second. Then he’ll say he left his wallet in the car and go get it. What kind of astronaut would bring his wallet into space? But it was all a trick, he slammed the door shut and left you there!

7. Then when he left, you’ll have to click on the microphone then you’ll have to wear it. Then Slayton will speak and say that Hatcher has the case of the “Jitters” and won’t come back and you’re his replacement. Then you’ll say that you don’t know how to fly a spaceship. Slayton will say that it isn’t harder than flying a jumbo jet and he’ll give you instructions.

8. He’ll tell you to strap in easy enough.

And that’s how the demo is. It’s unfair that the demo ends when you blast off. 😦 Anyway here’s some photos from the launch enjoy!

I’m ready for lift ooooffff…. Who are you? This is my Spaceship!
The Final Frontier Gift Shop
Is this really they’re idea for security?

SC out! 😀




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