Items for Poptropica’s 5th Birthday and post on the PCB

HI everyone! I’ going to show you the items for Poptropica’s 5th Birthday. Here they are!



Ok. First we have the 5th Birthday costume. The 5th birthday costume can shoot fireworks like the fireworks card. The 5th birthday baloon is free in the Poptropica Store. Special Feature: it changes color! Now for the PCB post:

Happy Roald Dahl day!


Today is Roald Dahl Day — the birthday of one of the greatest storytellers of all time! Roald Dahl was the man behind classic stories like James and the Giant PeachMatildaThe BFG, and a whole lot more, including our favorite, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In fact, we love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so much that we’ve decided to make a whole Island out of it! Consider this our Roald Dahl Day gift to you.

We’ll have a lot more to tell you about our latest and greatest project in the weeks to come!

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SO that explains all the snack sneak peeks in the daily pop. It’s about the day about the author named Roald Dahl. The guy who made Charlie and the Chocolate factory. SO there’s gonna be 31 islands now. Yay! More adventures after Super Villain Island. I wonder when the trailer’s coming out. Well, that’s all for now. SC out. 😀

Comment here Poptropicans!

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