Fear is all over you…

Hey guys sorry for not posting for so long. Exams we’re kinda easy. So, the creators are up to something. They’re plotting a new Halloween quest. The creators say that Halloween is one of they’re favorite holidays. They say that it’s fun wearing costumes, collecting candy and…

…getting scared out of your wits! If you guys checked out the daily pop sneak peeks you’ll see a theme like that. Wish I had one of those guns from the Big Time Movie. Like the Dart Pen! Yeah. Well, here are some other ones. Like that news on the Night Hare Costume.

Time is running out for that item. Get it fast! Oh, good news for non-members. Super Villain Island is going to be released on October 18,2012. BTW did you guys check out the poll that the creators put? The results are in and the most favorite island of 2012 is…

Super Villain Island! Guess Super Villains are in the highlight. Nice Job guys. Probally because of the humor of Ice King. Yay Ice King.

That’s all for now. Bye! SC out!


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