Pop Quizzes are back

Hey guys for not posting for so long but here I am. A couple of months ago, the creators released Poptropica Friends. Poptropicans we’re happy about this. One of they’re favorites was the Pop Quizzes. But then, after a while there we’re no more quizzes. So they we’re just staring at this:

ImageBut that’s all about to change. Do you know why? Check out this Creators post.

Finally, a pop quiz you’ll enjoy


We’ve recently added dozens of new pop quizzes to Poptropica Friends. Now, you can share with the world even more of your unique personality — and learn more about your friends, too.

Taking pop quizzes is easy. Just log into your Poptropica account every day for a new quiz, and check out the “recent activity” tab to see what your friends have been up to.

I never knew that Captain Crawfish can climb trees! How do you do that with a peg leg? Very slowly, I guess.

avatar image

Yay! There’s still more. Well, that’s all for now. But, check out TS’ Blog for a code. It will be here in 5 minutes, my time. SC out!



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