Books and figures…

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting for so long. Well, I’m here and this is: The Poptropica News channel!

Hi this is SC reporting from home the Poptropica News. The creators have released the date on their new books and they took a little stroll down a park. The park’s called North Logan Pumkin or something. Here’s Captain Crawfish on what they saw.

Captain Crawfish: Thanks SC for that intro. Here’s what we experienced:

We’re all getting into the Halloween spirit around here. Some of the Poptropica Creators have even taken their talents off-line to build a display at the Pumpkin Walk in North Logan, Utah. The Pumpkin Walk is an annual tradition in which local residents create pumpkin-based scenes inspired by popular games, films, TV shows, and more. Well, Poptropica fits right in!

Here are some pictures of their efforts.



Nice work! Looks as good as the website.

If you find yourself in the Cache Valley this season, drop by and take a look at this and all the great displays. Who knows — you might even run into one of the Poptropica Creators! 

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SC: Thank you Captain Crawfish. Now here’s the Black Widow about their books.

Black Widow: Thank you SC. Pleasure to meet you. Now here’s the release date news:

Our new Poptropica books are coming out in just a few short weeks. One of them is a Poptropica-themed Mad Libs book. But you don’t need to wait until November 8 to get your Poptropica Mad Libs fix. Just visit the Poptropica books page to download your free, printable Mad Lib!

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SC: Thank you Black Widow. Check out the Poptropica Book page for more info on those books. That is all for now. Stay tuned for more Poptropica News. SC out.



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