Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Golden Cards and a factory

Yeah sorry for not posting for so long. I was busy with homework. Anyhow, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid multi prize code is wimpy2012. Here ‘s the1st costume. There are 3 costumes by the way.

ImageThat looks like a guy in a fedora or something. Here’s the 2nd costume:

ImageThat looks like a king. And here’s the last one.

ImageAnd that looks like Big Ben. Some say that’s the Empire State Building. Mostly I think all of this is related to London or some other country. Now here’s the news on Charlie and the Chocolate factory Island.

The gates are opening! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is now available to Poptropica Members. Prepare to see the world of Willy Wonka as never before, in an adventure starring you!

If you’re a Member, visit Poptropica now to play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. If not, find out how to get Membership so you can start playing!

Sweet dreams!

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Thanks Captain Crawfish. Now here’s the Members only items.

Poptropica Members can get their hands on some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory goodies from the Poptropica Store. Dress up like an Oompa-Loompa. Get a piece of candy from a real Oompa-Loompa. Or take a bite out of the Everlasting Gobstopper, which has fruit-flavor that lasts, well, forever!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming soon to Poptropica. To get your hands on these treats now, become a Member today

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Thanks Black Widow. Plus, there’s one more item. It’s called Heli-gum. When you blow it, you float in the air. Well, that’s all for now. BTW I’m going to find a walktrough for this sometime later. SC out.


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