How the Apocalypse started and the Lendendary Lightning Knight

Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for so long (again). So the creators made this comic on Zomberry Island called Zomberry Day Zero. Here’s the comic:

Poor Joe. Why did he have to say that. Plus, I never saw Poptropicans with fingers until now. And here’s the post on the Lightning Knight:

Poptropicans have been buzzing about the Lightning Knight costume they’ve been seeing around lately.

If you want to become a Lightning Knight, all you need to do is get your copy of Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS. It comes with two codes you can redeem for your character on You’ll get the Lightning Knight costume, and the Medusa Surfer costume.

These costumes are only available on with codes fromPoptropica Adventures, so get your copy today!

avatar image

Oh, and here’s when Zomberry Island is out for members and for everyone:

We bring you tidings of great joy: the release date for Zomberry Island! Early Access to Zomberry Island will be available for Poptropica Members next Wednesday, December 19. It will be open to everybody on January 10, 2013.

Don’t wait until next year to play Zomberry Island. Become a Poptropica Member today, and you’ll be able to play Zomberry Island next week, and get your Zomberry extras right away!

avatar image

And lastly, here’s a post on Zomberry Island or something else:

Hop, hop, hop. 

Crawl, crawl, crawl.

Somebody’s getting up to something…

avatar image

And that’s all for now folks!


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