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I’m on Night watch duty

Hey guys. Sorry for not posting for so long. Anyway, The creators are releasing a new island! It’s called:

Night Watch Island

Yup. Plus they even have the trailer. And they even released some members only items!

Here what the items look like:

And here’s the trailer:

That’s all for now. SC out.


Tribal Rooms

Attention all tribes! WE have just recieved a new feature. Here is the post:

So you joined a Tribe, and it’s awesome. You know in your heart of hearts that your Tribe rules, and the other Tribes drool. But what else can you really do with your Tribe?

Now, you can enter your super-secret, ultra-awesome tribal common room!

Just go to your personality profile page and click on your tribal logo. You’ll see a new pop-up with a button that says “Join Room.”

That brings you to an all-new common room that’s bigger and better than the ones you usually find on Main Street, and which is only open to the members of your Tribe! You’ll be able to meet and befriend new tribal pals right away.

Not only that, but each of these new tribal rooms has a bunch of hidden interactive elements. Can you find them?

Visit Poptropica now to check out your new digs!

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In this case, I’m Seraphim. So I might meet her in space.

The info on the Pocketeers

Hi. It’s SC. And here’s the latest post on the Pocketeers:

(And weren’t afraid to ask.)

As you know, the newest toys Poptropica Toys — Pocketeers! — are now available from Toys R Us and other fine retailers. For the entire scoop, visit our new Pocketeers page. You’ll find out details about all 4 new toys, plus get instructions for how to redeem the special code that comes with each one.

They make a great stocking stuffer for the Poptropica fan in your life!

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What I missed so far

Hi sorry for not posting for so long. I’m always busy and stuff. Anyways, here’s what’s going on:

First thing is that The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer was released then the first ten finishers were announced, there’s a new code in town, the costume is closet is available for non-members for a limited time and there was a post on Thanksgiving. Too bad I don’t have that holiday though. But I have on Nov. 30 my time. Well, here are the posts:

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Just how many Poptropicans are on Poptropica

.People wonder, just how many Poptropicans are playing Poptropica. Now we know. Here’s the answer:

It’s been a year of milestones for Poptropica. 5 years, 30 Islands, and now this: 500,000,000 characters created.

If Poptropica were a country, it would be the third biggest in the world. Thank you to everyone who is a part of Poptropica!  

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500,000,000 is the answer. That’s a LOT. I wonder when they’re going to release the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory members only items. Here are my gueses: A Willy Wonka Costume, some Bubblegum, and Gumball rain. That’s all for now SC out.

Super Villains and a Chocolate Factory

Hi guys! SC here and Super Villain Island is available to everyone! Here’s the creators post:

Super Villain Island is now available for everyone to play! Visit Poptropica now to play Super Villain Island — and see if you can withstand the journey to the heart of villainy!

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Thank you Captain Crawfish. By the way, remember those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sneak peeks and the announcement of the island? Well, check this out:

So Willy Wonka is re-opening his factory and a bunch kids are eating his candy and stuff. It doesn’t say that it has a bonus quest, but I think that’s going to change. Well that’s all for now. SC out.