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Hello and welcome to the Magic and Technology Fun Center! Here at the MTFC, we make the impossible, possible. Our creator, RavediteCP (also known as CometCP), is a legendary player who stood up and rose again his former blog and changed it to what it is today. We believe that what Einstein believed is true:

Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Anyways, our creator is providing the fun to all the viewers who see this website. He gives entertainment through the power of media and technology like all the other geniuses in the world.

During the old days, RavenditeCP has played games like Poptropica then posted the facts, comics and gameplay from the blog of the Poptropica creators. But now, he moved on. He saw things beyond that game. Like how books contain the future or how the computer games are giving fun nowadays instead of toys.

Now, he’s going to put all he knows in this website. He hopes you enjoy the possibilities in his shelf or in his computer. Enjoy the wonders of The MTFC until the end.



Comment here Poptropicans!

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