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Message for All From Yours Truely…

Hello, everyone. It’s me. I’ve been inactive for quite sometime, but I’m here to talk to you guys. I’m thinking of continuing the blog I started last year. I know a lot has changed from last year and my discontinuation of playing Poptropica (for various reasons) has effected the real purpose of the blog. So I’m asking you, fans, do you really want to continue?

Even though I stopped playing Poptropica, that doesn’t mean that I’m discontinuing the blog right? So I have some options for you to choose the topics to be discussed here:

1. Writing stories about Pop or others or both.
2. Discuss about other games (Minecraft, LoL etc.)
3. Club Penguin Gameplay.

Those are the things I may be able to do. Anyways, tell me in the comments section on what I may do with this blog.

This is CometCP signing off.
– CometCP