The Walking Skeletons…

…Have come to get you! I’ve discovered a new card in the Poptropica Store. It’s called Skeleton Power. Here’s what it looks like:

ImageThe “I’m a Skeleton” tab turns you into a skeleton and the other one makes other people skeletons. Well, that’s all for now. SC out.



Just how many Poptropicans are on Poptropica

.People wonder, just how many Poptropicans are playing Poptropica. Now we know. Here’s the answer:

It’s been a year of milestones for Poptropica. 5 years, 30 Islands, and now this: 500,000,000 characters created.

If Poptropica were a country, it would be the third biggest in the world. Thank you to everyone who is a part of Poptropica!  

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500,000,000 is the answer. That’s a LOT. I wonder when they’re going to release the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory members only items. Here are my gueses: A Willy Wonka Costume, some Bubblegum, and Gumball rain. That’s all for now SC out.